Instant Loans for Silver

If you need fast instant cash, consider the option of a loan on your sterling silver, silverware, sterling jewelry or silver coins. An instant cash loan for your silver is an alternative that many of Empire Pawn of Nassau’s Long Island customers are benefitting from in today’s economy, as they are looking for extra cash for everyday items they need.

If you have sentimental attachment to your sterling silver piece, or if you would like to keep it for an investment in the future or pass on to your family members, you might not want to sell it. Empire Pawn of Nassau provides the lowest-interest rate loans on Long Island, with the option of no payment for up to four months. In addition, since your silver is your collateral, there is no credit check involved.

Instant cash loans on silver and other precious family items are gaining in popularity, making it more important than ever to make sure you’re doing business with someone you can trust. Empire Pawn of Nassau is the oldest Pawn Shop / Jewelry Buyer on Long Island, having established its loan business in 1990 after sixty years as professional jewelers.

Since we are above all jewelers, our GIA educated employees are expert at appraising fine silver, and we will take the utmost care in your appraisal. In fact your silver item will never leave your sight during the process.

As members of the National Pawnbrokers Association, we abide by strict regulations that protect our customers. We believe that your reasons for selling your silver are your own, and your privacy will be respected, always. Empire Pawn of Nassau, located in East Meadow, Long Island, NY, understands, and will make your experience of taking a loan on your silver pleasurable, as our loyal customers will confirm.

When you bring your silver item to Empire, it will not leave your sight throughout the appraisal process, unless and until you decide to take a loan out on your silver, or sell it. Once you receive your appraisal and the silver loan is agreed upon, you will receive an itemized pawn ticket and your cash instantly. Your item is then stored in our state-of-the-art vault or in a bank vault depending on its value, for safekeeping throughout the time of the loan. Once your loan is repaid, you’ll receive your property back in pristine condition. When you take a loan on your silver, it is important to follow the terms set forth in the loan agreement, otherwise, the collateral then becomes the property of the pawn broker. To view Empire’s loan terms, click here.

Our mission is to provide professional, trustworthy and courteous service that you will always remember so you will think of us again, whenever you need a loan on gold or another item such as estate jewelry, watches, diamonds, silver, or other precious metals or fine items.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Loan Terms:

Minimum and maximum period for repayment: All Empire Pawn loans are for a period of 4 months unless the customer picks up their loan sooner, and is renewable for an additional 4 months if the customer pays the interest due for the first 4 months. Here are two examples of loans, their terms (period of loan in months) and their corresponding interest rates:

  • $100 borrowed for 1 month: Payback in 1 month is $116 including interest and fees. Annual interest rate including interest and fees is 192%
  • $100 borrowed for 4 months: Payback in 4 months is $128 including interest and fees. Annual interest rate including interest and fees is 84%
  • $1,000 borrowed for 1 month: Payback in 1 month is $1,080 including interest and fees. Annual interest rate including interest and fees is 96%
  • $1,000 borrowed for 4 months: Payback in 4 months is $1,200 including interest and fees. Annual interest rate including interest and fees is 60%

Maximum fees are set by New York State. For a sample loan, click here.


Empire offers cash at high value for items, very competitive loan rates, and you will not be put through a credit check.


Many people today are looking to sell their gold, jewelry, or other precious items, many for the first time as an alternative source of cash.

“HONEST, FAIR, PROFESSIONAL I sold my recently deceased Mothers’ Diamond Ring. They were kind and understanding and I was very pleased and at peace with my decision to sell to Empire..”
“My boyfriend and I picked out a ring together from your ebay store after much research. It appraised for much more than the purchase price and BOTH independent appraisers agreed with exactly how the ring was presented in the description. We got exactly what we expected and then some. The ring is beyond amazing. It’s beautiful and sparkly and gets noticed. Best of all, we got a beautiful 1.47 brilliant center stone for half what we would have paid in a jewelry store. In fact, our friend spent almost 11,000 in a jewelry store for a ring of this size — we spent less than half that!

” Super cool crew. Cool stuff to buy. The guys there are really cool. I def recommend.”


“Thank you for beginning this service. I’ve bought several things from you, and everything has been wonderful! I look forward to future issues.”

Joe D.

“Sell Gold: I searched for sell gold long island and found I went in and they made me feel very comfortable and were very professional and I feel i got a great deal on my diamonds! highly recommended.”

C. Kaplan

” Very Nice and fair people. ”


” Excellent Customer Service: They treated me with respect and I got a great deal. I will always do business with Empire.”


” Fair: They have always given a good price on anything you bring in. Have used them a couple of times and they have always been fair in the price they quoted us. Honest people.”

Maria G.

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