In last month’s Empire Jewelers’ Report we shared 2017 wedding jewelry trends. This month, we’re exploring how to choose the wedding jewelry that’s best for you.

With all that goes into planning your perfect day, deciding on the right jewelry to wear can be one of the hardest decisions you have to make. To help you make the right decisions, keep these wedding jewelry tips in mind.

Let the dress inform the jewelry

Every bridal gown has an overall style and fashion that inspires it. Today’s bridal gowns run the gamut from traditional to modern, simple to elaborate, or a fusion of multiple styles. Naturally, the bridal jewelry should complement the style of the bridal gown.

When deciding on what jewelry to wear, consider the gown’s color and cut to ensure a complementary and matched look. Opposites attract in this case: If the gown is very elaborate, the jewelry should be simple. If it’s a simple dress, you can get fancier with the jewelry.

Let’s delve deeper into the various characteristics of a wedding dress.

Color of the dress
Wedding dresses come in a variety of shades of white, and different jewelry metals look better with different shades of white. It may be a subtle difference, but one that can help or hinder a bride’s overall ensemble.

Some things to keep in mind: If wearing white, avoid yellow gold as it tends to clash. Go for silver, platinum, or pearls instead.

White diamonds are very versatile, and will complement gold, as well silver, rose gold, pearls, and many other acceptable pairings. Ivory is most beautiful with gold, since its metal highlights the creamy tint of the gown.

Mirror the neckline
Keeping the neckline of a gown in mind is a great rule of thumb for choosing bridal jewelry.

For example, a V-shaped neckline can be accentuated by a pendent or lattice necklace, while a high neckline is an opportunity to showcase chandelier or tear drop earrings, rather than a necklace. Exposed skin calls for more jewels, while a more concealed dress may only need earrings.

Sweetheart and strapless dresses are great choices for brides who would like to highlight a more substantial necklace. However, keep in mind that the goal of bridal jewelry is to accentuate the dress, not overpower it.

If you’re considering wearing a headpiece, be sure that the look is not overwhelming. A lower placed veil may suit a tiara or diamond barrette, while a higher placed veil with a tiara may be cumbersome.

If you don’t plan on wearing a veil, options such as wedding fascinators or statement hairpieces may be good options. Again, be conscious of the style of the headpiece and that it complements the gown and other jewelry.

Accent jewels and metals
Once you have an idea what kind of dress and jewelry you’re going to wear, your focus should go to the jewels and metals that accent the dress.

Pearls and colored jewels can be incorporated, but make sure the metals match and don’t clash. A gold bracelet and white gold earrings look mismatched, as do a ruby necklace and sapphire bracelet.

The point is mismatched jewels and metals look unplanned, so think about accents, as well as the shine and glimmer of various jewels.

Keep it fun
Choosing bridal jewelry should be a fun and enjoyable experience. Don’t stress, and enjoy the process. Keep your overall look in mind, do your research, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Above all else, make certain your gown and jewelry capture your personality and style. It’s your wedding day, after all!

Source: Ebay: How To Choose Your Bridal Jewelry