The type of jewelry you like and wear is as much a statement about your personality, style and outlook as the clothes you wear, the way you speak, the car you drive and other indicators of your unique tastes and interests.

You might think you’re just accessorizing your favorite outfit, but the pieces you choose and how you wear them can actually let others in on certain aspects of your personality.

Like a beautiful gem, you’re multi-faceted with many sides and looks. Here’s a general look at what the jewelry you wear is saying about you.

You’re earthy and responsible. If you gravitate toward natural, unique pieces made with recycled materials in brown, beige, and other Earth tones, you’re telling the world that you’re smart, responsible, caring and eco-conscious. You love animals, the outdoors, and planet earth, and are probably very civic minded and into volunteering.

Lovers of large jewelry. If bigger is better when it comes to jewelry, and you love wearing chunky bracelets, big hoop earrings, and rings with “bling,” it’s likely that you’re a very outgoing, social, and fun-loving person. You’re the one to get the party started and love to be noticed when you walk into the room. It’s also a likely indicator that you’re confident and bold and not afraid to state your point, no matter what other people might think of you.

Always perfectly matched. If your necklace and earrings tend to match, it’s likely that you’re neat, smart, responsible and organized. You’re a gracious hostess, excellent conversationalist and probably the one most of your friends look to for advice.

Proud of your piercings. Having piercings other than the standard ears — for example, your nose, eyebrows, tongue and other body parts—may be a statement that you’re rebelling against social norms, even if it’s unconsciously. Or, you may have chosen piercings simply because it’s a rock ’n roll-inspired look and you think it looks cool.

Into retro and vintage. You don’t care about the brand name as much as the look and energy of a piece. You love vintage and can be found searching the finest thrift stores for the perfect piece of costume jewelry to wear to the weekend’s hippest loft party — that you planned.

Saying it with simple elegance. If you wear classic styles such as pearl stud earrings and diamond pendants, you’re a classic beauty, inside and out — traditional and family-oriented —but with a healthy dose of sex-appeal. Your choice of jewelry says you’re intelligent, classy, and generally conservative, preferring a quiet dinner with the right person over crowds, and a charity auction to a night at the game.

You prefer small and conservative. If you’re into petite and delicate pieces such as a classic pearl necklace, you pride yourself on your good taste and etiquette. You’re smart, educated, well-mannered and have a healthy respect for tradition and timeless style.

She’s sporty with a bit of spice. If you’re the energetic, athletic type, you probably trend towards jewelry that can keep up with your active lifestyle. You go for modern-looking tennis bracelets and necklaces with pendants that have inspirational sayings engraved on them.

Top shelf all the way. If drive an expensive SUV, shop at the finest department stores, and wouldn’t be seen without your hair done and perfectly accessorized, the message you’re sending is that you demand the best in life. You have a healthy self-esteem, and have big plans ahead.